Grampy's Dawgs

Starting back up again at the Bassett Train Depot, Thursdays 11-2  in May

If you want to reserve a special occasion for 2017…email

New locations are in the works.

Call my cell if you're looking for me.


Always open to suggestions for new spots.

Depending on Weather.

Mobile Food Cart, featuring Hot Dogs, Sausages and more. 

Available for events, fundraisers and lunch at various locations.

How about "Employee Appreciation Day" at your work?

Taking reservations for the 2017 Season now.

I put a little more work into my dogs than yer corner place.

I use the Finest Products, so next to them I'm expensive.

You get what you pay for.

I use only the finest ingredients and products.I buy local produce when possible, if I can't grow it myself. My meats and breads are of the highest quality and freshness. My condiments are all "Name-Brand" , not generic to push profit.  Loyal eaters are rewarded with my "Free Food" program.

                                                        Call or text me at 276-806-6485 or e-mail at

                                                    In the meantime, listen to my theme song...............

                                                                             If this song plays while I'm serving you, and you notice it, your food is free.

06 - Hot Dog.mp3

 I'll be servin' my fine food thru the Summer.Need more folks to spread the word. Check the forecast below. If it's raining or super windy, don't count on me.

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